- Rotary series - All series are available models of polymer and stainless steel with 6 interchangeable nozzles. All models are fitted with protective rubber cap and a radius of 5.5 m to 22.6 m hydrants have the ability to adjust the angle of rotation from 40° tо 360°.


- Spray - Impact using spray nozzles with a radius of 1.5 m to 5 m and rotator nozzles with a radius of 4m to 10.3 m. Sprayers may be of anti-drain valve (ADV) and I-Stop valve.



- Golf courses - Golf rotor offers an excellent combination of high performance and ease for medium distances. with a radius of 20.4 m to 28.3 m, and can be adjusted to 25% for the best coverage. Stainless steel body. Special design reduces pressure loss to improve system performance.



Wide range of valves made of high polymers (BSP). Available with or without flow regulator and pressure solenoid 9V DC and 24V AC

Hydraulic valves
- Hydraulic valves work with dirty water.

- Rain sensors - Compatible with most models of programmers. Saves unnecessary watering. Designed to be used with low voltage.

- Moisture - provides precise control of moisture content in the soil. Saves unnecessary water consumption. Rugged polycarbonate construction for direct installation in the soil.


- Outdoor installation - the programmers for outdoor installation are protected from moisture and can be installed outdoors. There can be 4 to 24 zones, with several independent programs and multiple start times and optional annual schedule.

- Indoor installation - designed for installation in a dry place. With multiple start times and optional annual schedule.

- Batteries - be able to be of 1, 2, 4 and 6 zones. Work with two AA batteries for several years. Waterproof design. Possibility of installation of a rain sensor or soil moisture.

- Decoder control - suitable for large parks where there are multiple solenoids at a great distance. It is therefore recommended the use of a coding system with two cables, main gear and decoders such as solenoid valves are in the garden/ park.